Understanding The Future

The Millenium ProjectBeing strategic requires understanding how the future is likely to unfold. But how can you look ten or more years ahead and get a reasonable understanding of probable futures?    What if you could solicit the opinions of a couple thousand futurists around the world and condense their wisdom into actionable information?

That’s exactly what The Millennium Project does.  Founded in 1966, it is now an independent non-profit global participatory futures research think tank of futurists, scholars, business planners, and policy makers who work for international organizations, governments, corporations, NGOs, and universities. The Millennium Project manages a coherent and cumulative process that collects and assesses judgments from over 2,500 people since the beginning of the project selected by its 40 Nodes around the world. The work is distilled in its annual “State of the Future”, “Futures Research Methodology” series, and special studies.

Last month while teaching executive programs at UCLA, I was introduced to Jerome Glenn, author of the 2011 State of the Future report.  I was up until 2 a.m. digesting this fascinating 116-page document, supplemented by a CD with 8,000 pages of detailed analysis.

Every forward thinking individual should keep a keen eye on the future. Get your future-focused lenses polished by visiting www.StateOfTheFuture.org

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