The Strategic Planning Academy (SPA) provides leaders at all levels with the proven systems, strategies, methods and models you need to achieve outstanding results.

The best way to ensure your success in this increasingly competitive world is to acquire unique skills that (1) add strategic value and (2) differentiate you from the crowd. Our practical programs provide you with unique skill sets that can multiply the measurable value you deliver for your organization and yourself.

Individuals of all backgrounds rely on our approaches to be effective in the new economy. That’s because virtually all work is project-based, and we offer fresh concepts to tackle the new breed of projects. Mastering our methods brightens your own future because you gain a valuable, mobile skill set that distinguish your brand – a definite career benefit.

Our programs are full of tools, techniques, and tips so you can

  • Turn vague strategy into actionable project
  • Get great ideas off the ground and achieve results quicker.
  • Eliminate project stopping problems in advance.
  • Get everyone focused on the same goals.
  • Improve clarity, cross-functional teamwork and ability to execute.
  • Develop achievable plans everyone believes in and follows.
  • Tackle bigger projects and get better business results

We are proud to be one of only five organizations worldwide qualified by the Association For Strategic Planning to teach the strategic planning body of knowledge. This distinction validates the excellence we bring to all of our programs and ensures that you will receive the very best practice tools to create your own destiny.

Our Founder

The founder of the Strategic Planning Academy (SPA) is Terry Dean Schmidt, a trusted international consultant with 30 years experience assisting corporations, governments, and research institutions in 36 countries. A recognized authority in strategic thinking, project management, and emotional intelligence, he earned his BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Washington and his MBA from Harvard.

Mr. Schmidt served on the Association for Strategic Planning (ASP) task force of experts which developed the first-ever Certification Program for Strategic Planners. He was honored as Strategic Management Professional Pioneer #004 for his voluntary contributions to help people and organizations master strategic management.

Terry is an educational innovator who teaches in leading corporate universities and in executive management programs worldwide. He has been the top-rated instructor at UCLA’s Technical Management Program, and is on the MIT Professional Education faculty, and delivers programs for the Institute For Management Studies.

His seven published books include career/life strategy, marketing, and business strategy topics. His book Strategic Project Management Made Simple (Wiley, 2009) is considered a breakthrough in adapting the Logical Framework Approach to the corporate world.

Terry and the SPA team of strategic planning experts, educators, consultants, and facilitators are passionate about helping motivated organization leaders develop winning strategies to achieve their organizational goals and objectives.